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Q10116 - HOWTO: Recovering a Forgotten Password

Recovering a Forgotten Password

Rhinoback provides customers with a way to retrieve a lost password.  Simply follow the link below and provide your login name.  Your password will emailed to the email address associated with your account.

Please read this important information about lost passwords!

When you retrive a lost password using the Forgotten Password link above, your password will be sent to you via email  The password that you receive is actually a hashed version of your password.  Rhinoback never stores your actual password. You can use the hashed password to login to Rhinoback and change your password to something that you can remember. 

If you allowed your backup set encryption key to default to your password, then you will need your actual password to decrypt any data backed up.  This includes data previously backed up and also data that is backed up in the future for existing backup sets.  Changing your password does not change the encryption key used to encrypt yoru data.  If you cannot remember and cannot find your password, then you must follow these steps to ensure that you can restore and decrypt your data:

  1. Use the above link to get a hashed copy of your password emailed to your email address.
  2. Login to your Rhinoback manager software on your computer using the hashed password that was emailed to you.
  3. Select Profile and change your password to something that you can remember or write it down. 
  4. Delete all backup sets where the encryption key defaulted to your old password.
  5. Create new backup sets.
  6. Backup your data immediately.

Additional important information can be found here:

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