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Q10145 - HOWTO: Backing up Exchange Server 2007

How to backup Exchange Server 2007

Backing up information store (database-level)

  1. Download and install the 64-bit version of Rhinoback v5.2.4.0 or above (Rhinoback64.exe) on the computer running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

  2. All backups can be performed as usual with the normal procedure by opening Rhinoback from [Start] -> [All Programs] -> [Rhinoback] -> [Rhinoback] or by selecting the Rhinoback icon in the system tray or on the desktop.

Backing up individual emails (mailbox-level)

Note: The capability to backup Exchange mailboxes is an optional feature of Rhinoback server accounts.  If you need this feature, then please contact sales @

  1. Download and install the 64-bit version of Rhinoback v5.2.4.0 or above (Rhinoback64.exe) on the computer running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

  2. Download and install Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 (ExchangeMAPICdo.exe)

  3. Download a 32-bit Java Runtime Environment (

  4. Expand [] into [C:\Program Files\Rhinoback] . The directory [C:\Program Files\Rhinoback\jvm32] should be created automatically.

  5. Run [C:\Program Files\Rhinoback\bin\RunOBM32.bat]  to start Rhinoback in 32-bit mode

  6. Create a new backup set by choosing [Backup Set] -> [New] -> [MS Exchange Mail Level Backup Set] from the top menu

  7. Follow the instructions of the backup set wizard to complete creating a new backup set

  8. You can either choose [Start Backup] from the menu bar to run backup immediately or let your backup scheduled to run at your scheduled time


If you need to run both information store backup and mailbox-level backups on the same machine, you can open Rhinoback (x64) using the icon in the system tray to do information store backup, but for mailbox-level backups, you will have to do it by opening Rhinoback (win32) by invoking [C:\Program Files\Rhinoback\bin\RunOBM32.bat] until a full integration of this becomes available in Q1 2008. For scheduled backups, the [C:\Program Files\Rhinoback\bin\RunMailBackup.bat] script will choose the correct JVM to run for you automatically.

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