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Q10024 - FAQ: How long are my files retained on Rhinoback?

Backup Data Retention

Rhinoback Online Backup retains your files for as long as you keep the account. The current versions of the files you backup are retained indefinitely at the secure offsite storage facilities. Files that you delete from your computer, or older versions of files that you have modified are retained according to a retention policy that you set. By default Rhinoback keeps files that you have deleted for 7 days. If you deleted a file by mistake then you have 7 days to recover it before Rhinoback will release the space. You can increase the number of days that deleted and old versions of files will be retained, but it will increase your space requirements on the Rhinoback storage systems.

With Rhinoback, you have complete control over how long your deleted files and older versions of modified files are retained and available for you to restore.  You can set the retention policy to any number of days, months, or years.  In addition you have the flexibility to specify different retention polices for sets of files. You can also specify advanced retention policies for keeping end-of-month, end-of-quarter, end-of-year backups or any other periods that require special retention.

See "What is the data retention area? " for more information about the data retention area.

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