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Q10175 - FAQ: How can I determine if my QuickBooks files are being backed up?

How can I determine if my QuickBooks files are being backed up?

I am using QuickBooks Pro 2007.  It is very important that my QuickBooks data files are backed up.  I am not sure if I have selected the correct location to backup.  How can I find out where QuickBooks is storing my files?


First locate your QBW files.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to open QuickBooks, login, and then use the File -> Open Previous Company selections on the Menu.  QuickBooks will open the location where you have been saving your QuickBooks files.  Make a note of the folder location where your QBW files are stored. Next open the Rhinoback Backup Manager software, select your backup set and then select Backup Source.  Make sure the folder where your QBW files are stored is selected to be backed up. 

If you think you may have stored QBW files in other locations, you can use the your Windows (or other OS) search function to search your hard drive for files that end with QBW and QBA. 

You can also verify that your QBW files are being backed up by opening the Rhinoback Manager software. Select Restore, Select your Backup Set, and then in the right pane, navigate to the location where you have determined that your QuickBooks files are stored.  If cannot find the folder or your files in the right pane under the Restore Source, then your files are probably not being backed up.  Please follow the steps above to select the correct folders in your backup set so that your QuickBooks files will be properly backed up to the Rhinoback off-site storage facilities.

Note that QuickBooks has it's own data backup functionality.  You may want to continue to use the QuickBooks backup functions to create local backup copies of your QuickBooks data, but it is highly recommended that you also make backup copies to an off-site storage location such as Rhinoback.  See the Intuit QuickBooks Support site for additional information on QuickBooks and it's backup capabilities.

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