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Q10165 - HOWTO: Stopping the "Scheduled backup missed" emails

Stopping the "Scheduled backup missed" emails

The Rhinoback system sends out emails every day to report the status of your backup jobs.  If a scheduled backup job does not run for any reason, the Rhinoback servers at the secure offsite storage facilties will send an email notification to the email address associated with the backup account so that the owner will be aware that their backup job did not run.  There are several reasons why a scheduled backup job may not run.  Some of those include the following:

  • The computer is not connected to the Internet when the backup job is scheduled to run.
  • The computer is not powered on or is in a sleeping or hibernation mode.
  • The Rhinoback software has been deleted or otherwise removed from the computer.
  • The Rhinoback software has been disabled on the computer.
  • The "Run scheduled backup on this computer" in the Rhinoback Online Backup Manager software is not checked for the backup set you are being notified about.

Solution 1:

Use this solution if the backup should be running on the computer as scheduled.

Step 1:  Make sure the computer is powered up and has connectivity to the Internet at the time when the backup job is scheduled to run.  Check your operating system setup for power and energy saving settings.  See the related articles below.

Step 2:  Check and make sure the "Run scheduled backup on this computer" box is checked. See the example below:

Step 3: Reinstall the Rhinoback Online Backup Manager software.  Download the latest version here.

Solution 2:

Use this solution if the computer is disabled or will no longer be backed up by Rhinoback.

If you only have one backup set and don't plan to use the Rhinoback account again, then simply cancel the Rhinoback account.  It may take a couple of days for the "Scheduled backup missed" emails to stop.

If you plan to keep your Rhinoback account and will continue to backup other computers with it, or if the backup is not running for a known reason, such as the computer is temporarily disconnected, you can stop the "Scheduled backup missed" email messages by removing the schedules from the backup set. See the example below:

Important: If you remove your backup schedule, you will need to create a new backup schedule later when you are ready to start running backup jobs on a schedule again.

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