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Q10109 - ERRMSG: Local Copy Destination does not exist!

[Local Copy] [Error] Destination=\\computer\c\backup\... does not exist!

This problem occurs when the "Copy to Local Hard Disk" option is enabled under "Local Copy" within a backup set and the "Copy to" path is not accessible. 

If the "Copy to" path is on a network drive, then the network computer may be offline or other network problems may be preventing Rhinoback from accessing the network computer.  Also check the "Network Resources Authentication for Windows" specified in the backup set.  Select the name of the backup set and then ensure that the credentials for network access permit access to the network resource.

If the "Copy to" path is on the local computer, then the path may not exist or Rhinoback does not have access to write to the specified directory.

Note: When specifying a network drive for the Local Copy, you cannot specify a mapped drive.  Mapped drives are only available for the currently logged in user.  Scheduled backups run under a system account that may not have access to your drive mappings.  If you do specify a mapped drive for the local copy, then the backup may run without problems when run manually, but fail when run automatically according to a schedule.  The correct way to specify a network drive for the Local Copy option is to use the UNC Path

Examples: \\MyServer\share or \\MyServer\c$


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